Interior designer and man of culture, is an Italian artist whose masterpieces of painting express a mystical aura linked to an art professional continually in search of beauty. The art of Lucci moves and touches more areas, feeding its artistic production with knowledge and research, fundamental elements to sound the human soul. His inspiration can date back to his appreciation for aesthetics, a doctrine that pervades his profession as an interior architect, stylist and restorer.

The use of the Encausto technique (an ancient technique that mixes pigments and beeswax) allows the artist to give to his paintings a remarkable technical mastery and a material consistency, while the use of monochrome or gold leaf backgrounds makes the portraits appear in all their bareness and depth.

Naked bodies and faces, almost always looking directly at the viewer, show their intimacy and, without distractions, we are attracted by a contemporary restlessness.

However, looking deeply, Lucci inherited much more than a simple revival of the Renaissance style.

The clean, pure, pictorial style with delicate shading stands on a flat, metallic platinum background. The technical mastery conceals a subtle anxiety in the young woman's face,

But the psychological and intimate depth is combined with an abundance of details and Baroque decorations that dress some of its protagonists. The use of gold, in refined and elegant garments and laces, is influenced by a Venetian artistic matrix.

ART Works


Dimensions: 24 x 36

Concept: Light and Space

Year: 2020

Righteous anger

Dimensions: 24 x 36

Concept: Faces of Red

Year: 2021

colors of war

Dimensions: 30 x 40

Concept: Rainbow of Life

Year: 2022


Dimensions: 20 x 20

Concept: Secret Corners

Year: 2023

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Burshes in Mug and Palette

Everything is emotion, to have someone else feel the same as I do is a tiny miracle.


Pricing and timeline will also depend on the difficulty of the commissioned artowrk. Feel free to message me for inquiries.